Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Riding In Traverse City, Michigan

By Mike Lester - Online Editor, Supertrax

One of the many things that make my job great is the amazing people I get to meet on the adventures we're entitled to. This past week, I took a road trip with my brother and two of our friends from high school up to Traverse City, Michigan. What an experience!

We stayed at the Grand Traverse Resort where our new friend J. Michael DeAgostino, Public Relations Manager for the hotel made sure we were well looked after.

It's a good ten hour haul from the Greater Toronto Area to get to Traverse City, but just about 5 hours once you cross the border into Michigan - not too bad considering we were hauling a trailer and 4 sleds. After a long trip though it was good to chill out at a beautiful hotel so we were ready to ride the next day.

We hit the parking lot of Blue Sky Rentals to meet our guides for the day - Jamie Bush and Mike Manning. These are two of the greatest guys I've met and die-hard snowmobilers. Jamie proudly showed off his brand-spanking new '09 Dragon Switchback that he scored a sweetheart of a deal on. We lined it up next to our MY10 800 fire-breathing swtichy for a quick comparo, took some photos before we headed out.

Although milder weather had caused bit of a melt in the previous week, snow had quickly replenished itself and trail conditions were excellent - did I mention it didn't stop snowing the entire day? Winter is definitely alive in Michigan!

One thing I love about riding in this area is that there's an endless selection of great places to eat. On top of that, they're snowmobiler-friendly! A quick lunch and we were back out on the trails. Jamie and Mike took us off trail down a power line to experience some powder too. Just amazing.

Further pampering that night at Aerie Restaurant and Lounge on the 16th floor of the hotel was like icing on the cake. A 14oz steak, good wine and surrounded by friends. It was the perfect end to a great getaway.

Put Traverse City on your list of destinations for this season.

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