Friday, January 22, 2010

Go Ride Elliot Lake. You'll Be Happy You Made The Trip

By Mike Lester - Online Editor, Supertrax International

Y'know, Elliot Lake Ontario is a place that truly amazes me. Here you have a city where the people just get it. Snowmobiling and the powersports community are embraced wholeheartedly here.

The Elliot Lake Snowbirds snowmobile club does an excellent job of maintaining the trail system, which runs right through town. Thank these wonderful volunteers if you ever get the opportunity. They devote their time so you can have the smoothest ride possible.

You can park safely after a good night sleep at the Algo Inn and unload your trailers and pretty much sled for the whole day right from the parking lot. Oh and there's plenty of snow too!

This isn't a sleepy one horse northern town either. Elliot Lake is a former mining town that at one time had a population upwards of 30,000 people. Today its down to about 12,500 year-round residents that keep the city bustling. There's a lot to do and hey, there's even a Tim Horton's (For our American friends, Tim's is the best coffee anywhere).

Elliot Lake is about a 2-hour drive from the Michigan border and just about five hours from the Greater Toronto Area. Load up your trailer; call your wife from the road and head on up to Elliot Lake for some great riding this winter.

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